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Thank you so much for visiting my page!  Taking the time to read someone’s blog might not be at the top of your priority list, but here you are anyway! So I am giving you a huge virtual bear hug! I sincerely hope you will find value here as my purpose for sharing my journey (as messy as it may be at times), will inspire you to embark on your own journey in becoming the best version of yourself.

Living Bold by Joana is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and expressions about starting over post-divorce as a single parent struggling with ADHD.  This blog is meant to inspire and teach others about building confidence and self-esteem and cultivating a life of intentional living and prosperity. Posts may include topics such as depression and anxiety, obesity and disordered eating, raising a child with ADHD as an ADHD parent, embracing minimalism and getting organized, relationships and sexuality, health and fitness, personal development and coaching, and learning to really love yourself and let go of the past.

Who I am today is a combination of letting the old me go and creating the person I want to become. My journey is one of imperfection – one step forward, three steps back – but also one of progress. Since my preteen years and maybe even earlier, I felt worthless and incompetent. As an adult, I searched for wisdom desperate for change, but no matter how strong my desire, I continued with the same self-defeating behaviors. Growth only started once I finally admitted that I had been viewing myself as a victim and that I needed to take responsibility for my own happiness.

I describe my personal journey in three ways…

FREEDOM….from living a mediocre life…from feeling worthless…from financial servitude…from co-dependency…from caring about what other people think…and from my own self-defeating behaviors.

SELF-DISCOVERY…by understanding the way my brain functions…by focusing on my personal development daily…through exploring my sexuality…and learning how to stick up for myself.

HEALING ...from past hurt and anger…from self-inflicted guilt and shame…through proper nutrition and regular exercise…through building meaningful relationships…and by sharing my story.

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