Weightloss Transformation 

When we think about weightloss transformation, often we think of comparing two photographs, right? What if those photographs don’t look all that different? Does that mean no transformation took place? We consider the before and  after, but what about the during? We rarely give ourselves enough credit for the changes we make during the process, which probably explains why we get so discouraged when we don’t see major physical changes right away. I used to fall into this trap time and time again.

One way to get yourself out of that trap is to start recognizing all the changes that are occurring during the process. Whether it be a mental note or writing it in a journal, celebrating small victories can make all the difference between empowering you to continue on your journey or discouraging you into quitting.

credit: chasefear.tumbler.come

Below is a dozen things that I have noted for myself to give you some ideas.

  1. Shopping for groceries has gotten so much easier and takes less time now. Half of the store is filled with a highly processed foods that I now avoid eating.
  2. I don’t purchase ice cream or cookies anymore. Instead, I go to an ice cream shop for a special treat.
  3. I’ve gotten used to drinking black coffee, something I thought I’d never be able to do.
  4. The other day I automatically asked a barista to use skim instead of whole milk in my chai – I even surprised myself with that one!
  5. Twice in the past two months, pizza was ordered when visiting my parents and I opted for making myself a side salad.
  6. I rarely drank alcohol in the past three months.
  7. I have enjoyed the beach several times in the past couple of months without worrying about what others thought of my body – and not because I look drastically different.
  8. I’m getting better at my daily water consumption.
  9. I no longer deal with constant acid indigestion and flatulance.
  10. I can climb the stairs and go up a hill without having to catch my breath.
  11. In the past three months I haven’t gone more than two or three days without working out compared to years of inactivity.
  12. Even when I didn’t lose weight for a week, I was still able to maintain my previous weightloss from the week prior.

Author: Joana Herrmann

As both an aspiring ADHD Wellness Mentor and Beachbody Coach, I have a specific interest in working with women who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD later in life, who have difficulty managing their weight, lost confidence in themselves, or simply have a hard time coping with everyday life.

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